International Background Checks

Info Cubic has been a premier provider of international background checks since 2005. Our vast research network allows us to provide timely, accurate screening services in over 230+ countries, territories, and dependencies.

Global Coverage

As your workforce becomes increasingly global, Info Cubic has you covered. We are a premier provider of international screening services who works closely with a thoroughly vetted and reliable network that allows us to provide the robust coverage around the globe in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible. Below you’ll find information on only a sample of the many countries and territories we can complete searches in. Contact our client service team to discuss how we can support your organization globally.

At Info Cubic, data privacy and protection is of the utmost importance.
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International Records Searches

International Criminal Search Varies by country

Info Cubic is an industry-leading provider of International Criminal Records offering searches in over 200 countries. International criminal requests search for criminal records comparable to U.S. felonies, as well lesser violations when available.

Global Monitor Check Plus (GMCP) 8 hours

The GMC search helps organizations meet terrorist-checking obligations now required by the U.S. Patriot Act. The search includes information from sources including; Most Wanted, Fugitive List, OFAC, Denied Persons and many more.

Global Monitor Check Plus is the largest database of international sanctions list information available in the world. It has over 170 million records sourced from government, court and other data sources, translated from their local language to English as required.

International Civil Search Varies by country

This search is conducted at the local level through the court based on the jurisdiction of the city provided. Report may include case type, file date, case number, name of court where case was filed, plaintiff, defendant and disposition if a case can be located.

International Bankruptcy Search Varies by country

This search is conducted at the local level through the court based on the jurisdiction of the city provided. Report may include file date, case number, name of court where case was filed and case status if a bankruptcy case can be located.

International Education Verification 3-10 days

Our experienced, locally-located verification specialists confirm degrees, diplomas, certificates, and dates attended from universities, colleges, trade/vocational schools, and/or high schools throughout the globe.

International Employment Verification 3-10 days

Local verification specialists located throughout the globe to verify previous employment history supplied by your applicant including dates of employment, position, starting and ending pay rates, performance, reason for departure, rehire status and any other general comments as available.

International Professional License 3-10 days

Validates professional licenses in different counties. License type can be validated varies by country.

International Professional Reference 3-10 days

Our experienced research staff completes Personal Reference checks by interviewing an applicant?s former or current colleagues. Our researchers will provide a comprehensive overview of a person?s characteristics.

ID Check 3-10 days

Identity Card verification with the issuing authority to confirm the identity card number and a subject name match.

Passport Scan 2 to 3 days

This search confirms the individual’s identity by verifying the authenticity of a machine-readable passport.

Credit Check Varies by country

The Basic Credit Report is compiled with information from public records including Court Writs, Court Judgments, securities and limited bankruptcies.

Directorship Check Varies by country

Information is obtained regarding available directorships (both former and current).

Motor Vehicle Records Varies by country

The motor vehicle records search is performed on a jurisdiction-specific level, and search results may vary. Some states offer a full driving history while others may return more limited information.

Drug Test 7 days

Info Cubic offers international drug testing solutions to help ensure the consistency of your drug testing program. We work with top rated SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) labs and certified collection sites in over 80 countries.

Region Specific Insights


The EMEA region represents a broad range of employment, human rights and data privacy legislation that impacts the background screening process. Requiring background checks in Europe is increasingly popular and culturally acceptable whereas parts of Africa and the Middle East have been slower to adopt this trend.


Similar to EMEA, the APAC region has seen consistent growth in the use of employment background checks. With diverse laws, cultures and practices, it’s important for employers to carefully design their background screening program.


In Latin America (including the Caribbean and South America) background checks are in the beginning stages of widespread adoption. Employers commonly look to whether an applicant accurately conveyed his or her education and employment history, and occasionally conduct criminal and financial checks when related to the particular position.

North America

Background checks for employment purposes are common in Canada and Mexico, although the laws of each country vary quite significantly. However, both countries possess data privacy and human rights legislation employers should understand prior to implementing a background screening program.