Drug Screening

We make the process easy!

We have a network of more than 20,000 collection sites nationwide, including patient service centers and third-party collection sites. We work with almost every screening vendor in the market, so the testing process is convenient for you and your applicants.

We offer:

  • Quick turnaround times, with negative drug testing results available within 24 business hours
  • Integrated reporting for efficient billing and result delivery
  • Online scheduling, tracking and reporting, and easy process management

Most Commonly Ordered Drug Tests:

THC (Marijuana)
Semi-synthetic Opioids
  5 Panel Urine/Hair                
  6 Panel Oral Fluid              
10 Panel Urine      
DOT Panel (Urine)            

Vast Collection Network

Info Cubic boasts one of the nation’s largest collection networks with 20,000+ collection sites.

We’ll determine your locations and conduct a site match to determine what options work best for you and your applicants in terms of distance and cost, and then we’ll build out your scheduling options to match.

Paperless/Mobile Solution

Going paperless isn’t just a trend to help save the planet – its also the most efficient way to improve the interaction with your users and applicants.

  • Mobile friendly digital chain of custody
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Eliminate traditional custody and control forms
  • Decrease errors
  • Order online, no delays or additional costs associated with shipping

Easy Scheduling

Online scheduling, tracking, reporting and easy process management.

Featuring customizable timelines and numerous scheduling options for a mobile workforce with electronic chain of custody forms and Google Maps.

Auto Order: Manages candidate touch points on your behalf.

Donor Self Scheduling: Provides candidates the flexibility to choose their collection point, within your pre-defined network.

Fully Integrated

Integrated reporting for efficient billing and result delivery.

Access status updates and results online in real-time online with customizable reminders and notifications. Your background and drug test results are all on one report – no need for multiple systems!

Random Testing

Random drug testing is required under the DOT, and we offer a statistically valid, computer generated, random selection process that is fair, equitable and confidential.

Selections are made using the following process:

  • Assign each individual enrollee a system generated random number
  • Mix up all of the numbers for a specific pool
  • Choose a starting point for selecting the first individual
  • Repeat that process until correct number of selections have been made
  • All SSNs are masked on random selection reports for security
  • FAA 25% Drug/10% Alcohol
  • USCG 50% Drug/0% Alcohol
  • FMCSA 50% Drug/10% Alcohol
  • FTA 50% Drug/10% Alcohol
  • PHMSA 50% Drug/0% Alcohol
  • FRA 25% Drug/10% Alcohol
  • FRA MOW 50% Drug/25% Alcohol

International Drug Screening

Offering compliant drug testing solutions throughout the world.

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