Federal Criminal Records

Info Cubic's Federal Criminal Records search accesses the highest federal court in the district, ordered to identify criminal convictions on federal charges

The Federal Criminal search accesses the highest federal court in the district ordered to identify criminal convictions on federal charges including, but not limited to, securities and tax law violations, immigration violations, embezzlement, terrorism, weapons violations, interstate drug crimes and civil rights violations.

Info Cubic offers a wide range of scoping options to suit any client’s needs and or requirements. The leading practice is to search all provided and developed names and jurisdictions for the past 7 years.

Did you know

Some of the most serious crimes will not appear on a county or statewide criminal search because they were charged at a federal court. Federal crimes are those that involve a violation of the US Constitution or a law passed by US Congress, and also those crimes that cross state lines where state jurisdiction is unclear. Examples of federal crimes include carjacking, aircraft hijacking, mail fraud, damaging or destroying public mailboxes, kidnapping, child pornography, obscenity, credit card fraud, tax evasion, counterfeiting, identity theft, bank robbery, federal hate crimes, racketeering, computer crimes, violations of the Espionage Act, a violation of the US Patriot Act, illegal wiretapping, art theft from a museum, and immigration offenses.

Recommended for

Federal crimes tend to be very serious in nature; therefore we strongly recommend the Federal Criminal search for important, high-ranking positions. In addition, the Federal Criminal search will reveal serious "white-collar" crimes making it a vital search for financial, executive and managerial positions.


Federal Courts

Turnaround Time

6 - 24 hours

Information Required

  • Applicant Information – Name, Date of Birth, Address history
  • Applicant AKA – Additional names that an applicant’s record might be filed under (maiden names, nicknames, etc.)

Results Guidelines

Our researchers utilize several identifiers to ensure maximum possible accuracy when reviewing the information housed in the applicable federal court. A typical match is made using the first and last name, along with the applicant’s date of birth. Generally, courts on this level have begun withholding Social Security Numbers (SSN) from the public indexes due to concerns over identity theft. If the SSN is available with the record, it will also be used to ensure a match. Consultation with qualified legal counsel is recommended for all employment law matters.

Potential Outcome (Result)

Clear: No criminal records found matching the subject information provided.
Review: Any legally reportable record found, a pending case or a conviction is found matching the subject information provided.
Missing Information: Information/documentation required to proceed has not been provided. Info Cubic can reach out to you for assistance, or to the candidate directly using our Applicant Connect product. Call us at 1-888-925-0922 for more information.

Sample Report

Federal Criminal History in FEDERAL district CO years:10 for Jane Doe COMPLETE - Clear
Search Type: Felony Including Misdemeanor
Case #1:11-cr-12345-ABC-123
Identified By : name, date of birth, partial social security number
Additional identifiers : Name on File: Jane Doe; DOB on File: XX/XX/1988;
Case Number: 1:11-cr-12345-ABC-123
Filing Date: 09/21/2011 Disposition Date: 07/17/2012
Charge Information
Disposition: Guilty
Type: Prison
Date Active Suspended Completed: 60 Months
Supervised Release: 4 Years
Assessment: $100


Q: What type of information is required to order a Federal Criminal search?

A: One very important item to provide for all criminal searches, but especially Federal Criminal searches, is the applicant’s middle name. Due to the number of Federal criminal records out there, having the applicant’s middle name makes it much easier to complete this search in a timely manner and to ensure that accurate results are returned.


Q: What types of records can be found in a Federal Criminal search?

A: Federal criminal records include any crime that was tried in federal court. This could include immigration violations, terrorism charges, interstate drug or weapons charges, or even charges such as receiving a DUI on a military base or fishing on Native American land without a permit.


For further details call us today at 1-888-925-0922

The Cube Feature

The Cube offers clients a variety of ways to order Federal Criminal Record searches. Our best practice recommendation is to utilize defined criminal scope products. Using these products ensure consistency in screening and allows for a hands-off ordering process. For example, if your desired scope is to run Federal Criminal Record searches where an applicant has lived for the past seven years, using information provided by the applicant and a Social Security Address Trace, The Cube can automatically generate those federal districts when the order is placed. A number of different scopes are available to meet your specific needs. They can include searching more or less than seven years (where legally reportable), potentially developing federal districts where an applicant worked and/or went to school in addition to where they have lived, etc. If you have differing scope needs based on position we can build any number of packages with differing scopes to meet your exact needs. Your Sales Representative or Account Manager can work with you to ensure you are getting the desired Federal Criminal Record scope.

Another option for ordering Federal Criminal Records is for a client user to pick and choose which federal districts they want run when placing an order manually. This can be done by physically entering addresses, or by running a Social Security Address Trace lookup during the ordering process and manually selecting which federal districts to run from the result of that lookup.

Bottom line – Info Cubic is flexible and can configure accounts to offer automated scope definition, manual selection, or both on a given account.