As of November 12, 2021, we have temporarily suspended the international drug testing service due to ongoing delays with the processing of orders that are outside of our control. We do not have an estimated time of when this service will return. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work through this with our partners.

International Drug Testing

Global Drug Screening Solutions

Info Cubic offers international drug testing solutions to help ensure the consistency of your drug testing program. We work with top rated SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) labs and certified collection sites in over 80 countries. Below you will find pricing for all countries where we currently can schedule drug tests, as well as the process for ordering a single test in one of these countries. If you have a current account with Info Cubic, please contact our Answer Desk at 877-360-4636 to schedule a collection outside of the United States.


You can order a one-time international drug screen for yourself or your candidate/employee by clicking “Order Now” and following the simple steps below.


Search for the country you are looking to collect the drug screen

Available countries can be found below. Our list is updated regularly, but if you do not see the country listed, you may contact us to confirm if it is available.


Place your order

Select the country and panel for your test, and enter required information: company name, result recipient, and candidate information. Panel detail below:



Confirmation email

Once your order has been placed confirmation emails will be sent to the company and donor email addresses that were provided.


Donor Contact

Donor will be contacted via email or phone call by a representative from Quest Diagnostics International team. If contact is not made within 24 hours, contact Info Cubic.


Receive Report

When results are available, a PDF of the result will be sent to the recipient email address that was supplied on the order form



International Pricing Table
Country Price Country Price Country Price
Afghanistan $413.00 Finland $393.00 Paraguay $338.00
Argentina $338.00 France $393.00 Peru $338.00
Aruba $278.00 Germany $393.00 Philippines $413.00
Australia $590.00 Guam $413.00 Poland $413.00
Austria $393.00 Guatemala $303.00 Puerto Rico $278.00
Bahamas $278.00 Honduras $303.00 Romania $413.00
Belgium $393.00 Hong Kong $413.00 Scotland $338.00
Belize $303.00 India $413.00 Singapore $413.00
Bermuda $278.00 Indonesia $413.00 Slovenia $413.00
Bolivia $338.00 Ireland $393.00 South Africa $468.00
Brazil $338.00 Israel $413.00 South Korea $413.00
Canada $303.00 Italy $393.00 Spain $393.00
Chile $338.00 Jamaica $278.00 St. Kitts $278.00
China $718.00 Japan $413.00 Sweden $393.00
Colombia $338.00 Kenya $468.00 Thailand $413.00
Costa Rica $303.00 Kuwait $413.00 The Netherlands $393.00
Denmark $393.00 Lebanon $413.00 Trinidad and Tobago $278.00
Djibouti $468.00 Malaysia $413.00 Turkey $413.00
Dominica $278.00 Marshall Islands $413.00 U.S. Virgin Islands $278.00
Dominican Republic $278.00 Mexico $303.00 United Arab Emirates $413.00
Ecuador $338.00 New Zealand $590.00 Uruguay $338.00
El Salvador $303.00 Nigeria $468.00
England $338.00 Oman $413.00
Equitorial Guinea $468.00 Pakistan $413.00
Eqypt $413.00 Panama $303.00