Fentanyl Urine Test Panel

Self-Collect Dip Strip

The Fentanyl Urine Test Panel is a fast, easy way to screen for the use of fentanyl, an opioid found in pain medications. The urine drug test was recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for employment and insurance testing.



Info Cubic partners with Alere to offer the Fentanyl Urine Test Panel – each box includes 25 tests.

FAST: The test is considered an instant test – the results are available within five minutes.


CONVENIENT: The Fentanyl Urine Test Panel is a self-collect test. So, an employer can easily administer the test at their place of employment.


EASY: Administering the test is simple. The test involves dipping the test strip into a urine sample. If the test is positive, the sample is then sent to a lab for confirmation testing.


COMPREHENSIVE: The Fentanyl Urine Test Panel includes everything you need to perform the test and ensure the process is compliant with industry regulations. The test kit includes the items needed for administering the test, along with Chain of Custody forms and shipping supplies.




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