HealthcareSource Integration

With Info Cubic’s off-the-shelf integration, you can order a candidate’s background check and/or drug test in just a few clicks.

HealthcareSource Background Check Integration

Info Cubic created a seamless integration between HealthcareSource and Info Cubic that allows recruiters and hiring managers to initiate candidates’ employment background checks directly within the HealthcareSource system. Once the recruiter or hiring manager initiates a background check in HealthcareSource, the information is pre-populated into the system and an email is sent to the candidate to provide any additional information and obtain consent. After the background check is complete, the recruiter can view real-time results. The integrated solution is mobile-friendly, designed to create a seamless applicant experience.


ATS integrations streamline the entire hiring process - from the application to the interview to the background check to the offer. An ATS integration increases visibility into all areas of the hiring process and improves accuracy by eliminating dual data entry. You will save time and money with an ATS integration since it will make your hiring processes consistent. Whether you choose a pre-integrated solution or work directly with our team or partners to build a customized solution, Info Cubic has the resources to get you integrated with HealthcareSource quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of ATS Integration

Whether you choose a pre-integrated solution, or work directly with our team or partners to build a customized solution, Info Cubic has the resources to get you connected and on your way to a streamlined and more efficient hiring process.

Info Cubic’s integration with HealthcareSource helps streamline your hiring process in a few simple steps. First, the recruiter initiates contact with the applicant through the system. Next, Info Cubic gathers the information from the system and sends the applicant an invitation to complete the background check. The applicant then provides the information and signs the forms from any smart device. Finally, Info Cubic processes the background check and sends the results to the ATS. It’s a very simple process that will streamline your hiring process.

Reduce time from application, to interview, to offer, to start!

Save money with a standard, repeatable, predictable, cost effective and rapid deployment

Increase visibility into all elements of the hiring process

Eliminate dual data capture and increase accuracy

HealthcareSource Integration Workflow

How does an integration with HealthcareSource work? See the diagram below for an explanation of how an integration between HealthcareSource and Info Cubic can help streamline your hiring process. All you need to do is click a button and we take care of the rest!

Recruiter initiatesbackground check in ATS Applicant provides additional info and signs forms from any smart device Info Cubic processes background check andsends results to ATS Info Cubic gathersdata from ATS andsends invite to applicant

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